my ultimates

This is a list for all of my friends I have ever recommended anything to ever. These are my ultimate favorite blogs, youtube content, albums, and movies.

So starting with BLOGS.



  • I like like a strawberry milk a whole lot (find her here) . The author of this blog is named Fanny and she’s a french pastry chef who is currently living in Sweden. What a life. Her recipes are super duper and she’s just an interesting gal.

Other blogs include… seafoaming, rookie mag, ncy bambi, and darling.

Moving on to YOUTUBE content, I got all kinds of stuff. There are five channels I really like.

  • I’m a biggie fan of sosonia. She is featured on soul pancake, but also has her own channel and her stuff is beautiful. She makes movies about her life and they are just unlike anything else on youtube. My favorite video of hers is this one.
  • I also really love helloimellis. He is kinda like Sonia and have a very artistic video style, but does not post very often. I would recommened going and watching all of his stuff in one sitting. I showed this video to everyone I know.
  • A group of guys I enjoy are the new age creators. Each member of this group lives in a different country (my favorite two are chase and ana) and they post creative content monday-friday that falls under a different weeekly thematic topic (love, adventure, origins, family, style, ect). I really love this video and this one.
  • A new favorite of mine is furrylittlepeach. This lady is an Australian illustrater who just published her first book. Her art and studio is beautiful and I love watching her make it. She also is just really happy, but not in an annoying way. I would watch this video.
  • For my last favorite I’m going to step away from all the wonderful artists to a different realm. Chris Fleming is a comedian and I think everyone has seen his company is coming video, but let me tell you that is just the tip of the iceberg. I rewatch this one and this one and this one at least once a week.

Next are my favorite ALBUMS.

I’m just going to preface this section by saying go and follow my spotify.

So my top five albums. I’m not going to explain why I love them, I would just got listen to them and find out for yourself. And if you’ve already heard one then you’ll know why.



In no particular order…

Fenn by Tom Rosenhal

How To Be a Human Being by Glass Animals

Bookends by Simon & Garfunkel

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Soundtrack

This Old Dog by Mac Demarco

I also love Bedouine by Bedouine, Pure Comedy by Father John Misty, and the Across the Universe Soundtrack.

And lastly we have MOVIES.

I have a ton of favorite movies. It’s really hard to pick favorites, so I’m going to choose a top three of sorts, but then list all my other favorites out cause honestly I love them all.

So my top three favorite movies are…

The Shawshank Redemption

Good Will Hunting

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Some of my vibin’ favorites include: Almost Famous, Across the Universe, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Breakfast Club, and Moonrise Kingdom. Not only do I throughly enjoy these movies for their plot, but I take style inspiration from every one of them.

I like to cry to Titanic, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, and Dead Poets Society.

And some of my other favorites are Interstellar, The Babadook, and The Truman Show.

I have a lot I still need to see. But yeah, those are some of my ultimate favorites. I love them all.

xx Jill




broadway babies

I am in a show right now, and that show is Lend Me a Tenor, it’s good. Please come see it October 12-13 at 7pm. These are some sexy Monroe pictures from the dressing room. Look at these hotties.

B14A0EA2-0FE6-40C3-A4C5-D6DA8B900B1A.jpgProcessed with VSCO with b5 presetProcessed with VSCO with b5 presetProcessed with VSCO with b5 presetProcessed with VSCO with b5 presetProcessed with VSCO with b1 preset77714ADC-DAF5-4A1F-A83D-7336B9F933F4.jpgProcessed with VSCO with b5 preset

xx Jill

a photo theory

I have this theory on photography. I have shared it with several people and all of them have felt it is fairly accurate. I believe that photographic skill comes in four tiers. The first of these tiers is the lowest.
The photography of things. This is when someone takes a picture of their coffee, guitar, or a plant that they find pretty. It’s not a bad style it just comes off (to me) as fairly beginner. If the object is cool, you can take a fairly cool picture if it. This type of photography requires little creativity and offers little room for flexibility and once you realize this, you will move on to the second tier.
The photography of an environment. This includes city skylines, landscapes, and the insides of rooms. This is a huge step up as it offers freedom in composition, lighting, mood, scale, and movement. With more freedom, comes more opportunity to show off skill and perspective. After I was done taking pictures of flowers in my backyard, I started taking my camera out around town and on vacations. But… after a while… you realize that your town is boring, and you only go on vacation once a year, you will move to the third tier.
The photography of people. Some people like to skip here, but your portraits will most likely not be as good as they could be if you do not go through the first two levels. People offer a level of freedom that nothing else on earth does. In addition to composition, lighting, mood and such, you can change emotion and posing and style and everything honestly. Human beings are complex and photography of them offers the same complexity. So you’ve pretty much made it too the top of the pyramid, but as time goes on you’re going to want something more.

Enter the fourth tier, the bonus level, the photography of life, photojournalism, the ones that win the Pulitzers. This tier combines the bottom three and tells a story. It captures a fleeting moment in life (if you will).

So that is my theory, in summary, objects, environments, people, and life. Four tiers, catch em all. Its a personal theory, if you hate it I’m sorry.

xx Jill


I went to Utah. We saw 6 national parks. It was wonderful.



  • the air smells really sweet and fresh and good
  • like a solid 40% of the people here were speaking french
  • lots and lots of people
  • makes you feel like a tiny bug in a very good way

CD3E4915-A56F-4EE3-BA57-16690A102DE6.jpgthe canyon at sunset

67D0A619-E3D4-4F35-A9A4-D75B474E18D7.jpglittle people looking at a big hole in the ground

368D2013-7738-4403-8849-88E8C7BE6EC5.jpgjoey smellin that sweet canyon air

CD4E5CDE-1052-4917-8E0A-A6BB43526CCD.jpgone more of the really big hole


ANTELOPE CANYON (not an offical national park)

  • this place could make anyone feel like a professional photographer
  • completely surpassed all expectations
  • our tour guide was this free spirit of a man who has had a great life

0889699D-D00F-446F-BC86-B7CAECEEFC91.jpgstairway to heaven part one

D84B242B-FFF2-4509-B0DE-795F1E2360F7.jpgstairway to heaven part two

2DA08637-6C9B-4AC4-A617-F6ABAB6A5354.jpgwalls like waves part one

E38208A7-1BF9-4544-B49B-03C7BC7E82F4.jpgwalls like waves part two


HORSESHOE BEND (also not a national park)

  • i got one heck of a scrape here
  • bigger than i thought
  • glad i can say i’ve been here

123F3678-3676-442A-95BB-245DBA8966A5.jpghere is the bend– what you can’t see are the tiny people down there with tiny boats


#2 ZION (my personal favorite)

  • beautiful beyond belief
  • had this lawn that you could lay on for hours
  • every single trail was amazing
  • i want to become a mountain man and live here

F7F46AC1-B581-44B9-B002-E035505BE025my slightly above mediocre pictures do not do this place justice

8750F8C2-687A-4864-A967-0F8E62FB4173.jpgthe canyon walls

DEBCBEAB-763D-4291-8B68-0CB1E88F2E49.jpgthis little boy was begging his mom to let him go in the water “just one toe please mom”

7F7817CB-6162-47B7-A423-500CE407076C.jpgdad and the boys liked to walk really fast




  • was very foggy
  • provided me with the most miserable hike of this trip (it was pouring rain and we were going uphill)
  • still beautiful

0F68CA69-8B49-4A93-87F3-95D8C69C8F39.jpgthe boys on a foggy day

9BF0C1E8-F862-4553-8C6D-F5AB101DC834.jpgthese people look like tiny ants crawling between cracks in the sidewalk

532F3B15-68C6-44E7-90C6-74AA2026D809.jpgmore ant people


#4 CAPITOL REEF (very underrated)

  • nobody was here
  • this was the most serene park
  • it smelled so so so good on the trails– all kinds of grasses and herbs were growing

979B9E1E-6D45-420E-9936-63888F4B7FA5.jpgwe found a cool lagoon thing

EFE6BDE6-8920-4DB1-BF06-7A6C2EDD4F0D.jpgkids in hats hiking

7EEF7579-F468-4604-9970-8746FE5EE757.jpgthe landscape



  • sunny sunny sunny and hot hot hot
  • iconic park
  • made me feel like i was on mars which is a very cool feeling

E761FCED-A6C2-4B8E-AD1B-5F30EC04F421.jpgpeep those au natural sun spots

D02B215F-3047-435B-B81C-77BD2F674ACA.jpglife on mars

78DEDAF2-AE19-40CD-9591-0354D5F958F4.jpgpink rocks

71E0F75B-4D73-433E-B6AF-F387E186CD10.jpgthe delicate arch™



  • by the time we got here i was so very tired of hiking, its was still wonderful
  • every trail and landmark had a really fun name
  • we saw the stars here and boy oh boy were they somethin’

AB928E92-33B0-4E4C-958A-0DACAD8A54E6.jpgthe sky is so blue

00478D13-0C4C-4892-8574-300C11726623.jpgcookie cutter


xx Jill

the monsters

Over the last month I have posted 26 mosters on instagram. One for each letter of the alphabet. In case I ever decide to delete them off of there, I wanted to archive them all on here. So here they are, Jill’s Little Monsters.


K is my personal favorite.

xx Jill